Saturday, February 26, 2011

It came fast but i'm happy *Kiba lemon.

Looking down at Kiba with a smirk for he wasn’t awake yet and I was also straddling him right now. Smirking as I removed the blanket carefully from his body. This wasn’t the first time that we have had sex. Oh no. I mean come on we have been dating for over 6 years and are engaged soon to be married.

He was shirtless and pant less only leaving him in his boxers. His dark blue boxers with silver mixed into them. Sitting on his waist as I moved my hips in a grinding motion. Putting my lips onto his neck starting to suck, lick and kiss his neck wanting him to start to wake up now.

He groaned changing his position slightly not waking up. Doing a pouty lip then smirked as I bit down on his neck. He was already hard. He woke up with a yelp and then a loud groan for he jumped up pushing himself up at the waist causing a moan to come from my slightly parted lips. Looking down at him to see him looking up at me slightly groggy but fully aware of what was going on as he reached his hand up to my face and forced me onto the bed where He got on top of me and started an assault on my lips.

Noticing that he had already pulled down his boxers and was rubbing against my entrance. Closing my eyes enjoying the feel that I’ve longed for a while now.

“That was mean not waking me up to begin with” he growled pulling away from my lips. Looking at me in the eyes as I smirked.

“I didn’t think it would be that hard to wake you up” I shot right back as he slide in slightly for he was right there and I flipped us over. “After all I did take a loud shower before coming in here” I added smirking at him. Pushing my hips down onto his as he fully entered me causing a moan to abrupt from both our throats. Shifting my hips on his as I started a grinding and thrusting motion.

Moaning out loudly as Kiba returned the thrusting/grinding motion letting a groan escape his lips in the process. Starting out at a slow pace just to tease him but it was also just getting me more irritated at the same time. Kiba growled and grabbed my hips slamming me down onto him. Throwing my head back moaning loudly. It felt so good.

Thrusting the way that he wanted me to and the way I wanted to. A thin lair of sweet forming on both our bodies. Moaning l closed my eyes thrusting biting my lip.

“God” Kiba moaned suddenly changing our position. Having him thrusting powerfully into me pushing me farther into the mattress. Opening my eyes to looking at him in the eyes.

“Kiba” I moaned out loudly thrusting my hips up to meet his thrust down. Hearing his groans only made this more intimate with each other. Hearing him growl slightly in pleasure. He too was looking down at me in the eyes. Lifting up at little wanting to kiss him even though I was out of breath really seeing as it was uneven but I didn’t care. I wanted to feel his soft and warm lips on my own. Kiba got the idea and lowered his face to mine and pushed his lips to mine. Enjoying the soft kiss that was going on but the soft kiss soon turned rough and passionate. Both fighting for domains which I quickly lost thanks to a thrust were he hit a spot that made me cry out in pleasure. It felt so good. Kiba took this chance to pin down my tongue easily.

Kiba pulled away both of use needing a breath seeing as both of us were already panting hard. He hit the spot again but with more force. Throwing my head back moaning much louder then I already had. “Kiba” I moaned loudly.

“Azamara” Kiba growled barring his face in the side of my neck. Starting to suck and nibble on one spot that he particularly likes. Biting my lip not wanting to get any louder then I already was. Both of use not even realizing that he wasn’t wearing a condom at all but we wouldn’t care in the least. This was way more than just sex. We wanted to make love and that’s exactly what we were doing.

My arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. My legs wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to me. Wanting to be as close as possible. “K-Kiba” I shouted out. Kiba instantly got the idea and increased the force of his thrusts. “I-I L-oh god” I shouted not being able to get the words seeing as I was out of my senses at the moment. Closing my eyes tightly as I thrusted up to meet Kibas which would flutter ever once in a while. Feeling a buildup in my stomach telling me I was coming close to my end. Even though with how close Kiba was he was determined to make me come first but I didn’t care. I was far too gone to care at all. I just knew I loved Kiba and he was the one giving me such pleasure.

“Kiba” I screamed coming first soon to have Kiba do the same growling/shouting my name. All energy gone from him that he fell down next to me breathing hard. Snuggling up close to Kiba with a smile still panting trying to catch my breath as I slowly started to fall sleep.

“Love you kiba” I whispered not fully away actually more asleep then awake.

“I love you too” Kiba said back just as tired as he fell asleep right after I did.